Letters to the Editor

Charles B. Keeling: Ark not totally biblical

Regarding the July 11 Focus article “Noah’s Ark of biblical proportions opens in Kentucky”: Ken Ham’s new “ark” fails to live up to its billing as being constructed according to God’s instructions in Genesis.

It’s not made of gopher wood, but rather has a modern steel super-structure with only a superficial layer of wood or faux-wood on the outside for the sake of appearance. There is no pitch on the outside or inside. The height exceeds 30 cubits.

The biblical dimensions do not suggest an ark shaped like a ship (there would have been no need for a conventional bow or stern). The oil-tanker-like bulbous bow is a modern 20th-century invention that is no more authentic to biblical times than a computer would be.

The bulbous bow was invented to maximize fuel efficiency in ships that spend most of their time at sea operating at full forward speed – a characteristic not applicable to the ark because it had no propulsion system (at least not according to the Bible).

The interior is illuminated with electric lights, which the Bible makes no mention of (unlike the ark of the park, the ark of the Bible would have been pitch black dark inside).

I could go on.

Charles B. Keeling