Letters to the Editor

Marc A. Grimmett: PC shortcuts

Regarding the July 23 news article “NBA decision means HB2 likely to dominate governor’s race”: Working to protect the rights of transgender people is a part of our responsibility as community members, not “total PC BS.”

Like Gov. Pat McCrory, I have had graduate students conflate political correctness with multiculturalism. Political correctness is a train on a track whose origination and destination are separate from the train that is multiculturalism. The different tracks may be parallel to each other at certain times in various contexts, however their origins and destinations are completely different.

Political correctness is self-serving and convenient. It has origins that are temporary and shallow based in superficiality and misinformation.

Multiculturalism is community-building, based on the principles of interconnection and interdependence between human beings and the environment. Fairness, justice and equity form the foundation, demonstrated when we communicate value and respect in our words, actions and worldviews.

The destination of political correctness is narrowly focused, individualistic, shortsighted and short-term.

Multiculturalism is destined for understanding, collective responsibility and working together to make the world a safe, loving and kind place for all. House Bill 2 is not based in understanding and does not make North Carolina safer or kinder for any of us, which is what happens when politically correct shortcuts are taken by the legislature.

Marc A. Grimmett