Letters to the Editor

Karen Watts: Drownings show parental lapses

Regarding the July 14 news article “Child drowning is the leading cause of death for children under 5 in U.S.”: As a child from a family of five siblings, a mother and now grandmother, I don’t understand how small children can drown if they are being properly cared for.

It is the responsibility of parents to keep their children safe under all circumstances. It has just broken my heart, while also making me very angry, to see how many small children have drowned in the past few weeks in our state.

Recently there was yet another, a 6-week-old, added to that horrific list (“Baby found dead in S.C. pond,” July 19 news brief item). What in the world was a child of that age doing in the water?

Our children depend on us, especially small children, to protect them. Maybe if there were laws that charged parents similar to those who have been charged when they allowed alcohol in their homes to be served to minors, they might be a little more attentive.

Karen Watts

Wake Forest