Letters to the Editor

George Davis: Drug companies own Washington

Regarding the July 31 news article “Drug company rules loosened”: A new drug law that passed Congress this spring, but was only recently publicized in an excellent N&O article, demonstrates just how much control the drug industry has over Congress.

The Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act gives drug companies a pass when they’re caught failing to report suspiciously large orders of opiates from pharmacies. And it makes it harder for the DEA to suspend the licenses of those companies. The bill was passed by unanimous consent and without objection in both the Senate and the House, demonstrating that the drug industry is an equal opportunity provider to both Democrats and Republicans. Disturbingly it was signed by the president.

The politician who introduced the bill sold her soul for $31,000. On a descending scale of payments to other members of Congress, the drug industry got off pretty cheap for this piece of legislation. It’s obvious the new law benefits the drug industry, particularly the opiate-producing companies, and it benefits members of Congress who receive drug industry money.

But can any member of our gutless wonders in Washington tell me what possible benefit this law provides for the public? Do they have no shame?

George Davis, Fuquay-Varina