Letters to the Editor

Howard Udell: Berger shows HB2 ignorance

Regarding the July 9 news article “Berger cites Charlotte case as reason for HB2”: Senate leader Phil Berger’s use of an innocuous bathroom event to demonstrate why House Bill 2 was necessary not only provided the perfect case for its repeal but cemented how far he misunderstands its impact.

The woman in the article is rightfully alarmed that a man may be sharing the bathroom. If in fact the intruder was transgender, either in this case or thousands of future scenarios each year, with a female birth certificate, the “intruder” was adhering to the letter and spirit of HB2.

The husband, quite naturally, attempted to chase the intruder down and presumably administer painful “justice.”

No theoretical story could better legitimize the LGBT community’s perpetual fear and illustrate why so many business, civic, entertainment and sports leaders refuse to subject their constituents to HB2.

When Berger used this incident to justify HB2, he further reinforced the depth to which he and Gov. Pat McCrory misunderstand the law while weakly trying to reinforce it as “common sense.”

Howard Udell, Cary