Letters to the Editor

Tim Hendrix: No comparing drugs, guns

Does the author of the Aug. 2 letter “Useless ‘war on guns’ ” recognize the inconsistencies in his own logic? Comparing the recommendation to ban certain types of firearms to our country’s long war on drugs is logically flawed.

Indeed, even though heroin, cocaine and marijuana are illegal, people still find ways to sell and possess them. Today, there are those who endorse legalized marijuana, where buying and selling pot can be more tightly regulated. Surely, we can make the analogy that we need better regulation of whatever firearms are legal to purchase and own.

Nowhere does the writer pretend that heroin and cocaine should be legalized – of course not, some drugs are simply too dangerous to be legally available. Do I really have to point out the analogous argument applied to firearms? His overall assertion challenges us to prioritize our civil liberties. Suppose we choose all firearms available without better regulation?

Criminals will have those weapons but so will our citizenry. Would anyone feel safer if there are multiple people with good intentions, but nervously trigger-happy, in a crowd during a volatile situation?

It’s past time to use some common sense and sound logic about gun regulation.

Tim Hendrix