Letters to the Editor

Kathryn W. Pfister: Yes, we Trump supporters are angry

Regarding the July 31 editorial “Democrats bring it on”: First, Khizr Khan’s question to Donald Trump asking if he has ever read the Constitution – has Khan? Would he be good enough to point out to me just where it is written in the Constitution that the United States is lawfully bound to allow carte blanche immigration status to anyone who wishes to enter the United States?

Second, your statement that “Clinton goes into the campaign after a convention that was unified.” Are you kidding? Thousands of people protested there, inside and outside, every day!

Lastly, “the Republican convention of a week before in Cleveland looked more and more pathetic – a series of angry speakers ...” Well, yeah. We are angry. We are furious at the hijacking of our country that has been allowed – yeah, even pushed – within the last 7 1/2 years. And that is exactly the reason for the masses of voters flocking to Donald Trump.

Kathryn W. Pfister