Letters to the Editor

Adam Lanier: UNC has done enough

The Aug. 4 editorial “UNC should answer, not evade NCAA” sounded like a perpetually disgruntled rival ranting in the comments section of a UNC article. The editorial board completely ignored not only the validity of procedural fairness but also UNC’s explicit response to the NCAA’s allegations.

The NCAA has already investigated the academic scandal at UNC and concluded that the issues were outside its jurisdiction but now wants a second bite at the apple based on the same information.

The editorial also completely ignored the steps UNC has taken to rectify the issues underlying the scandal as well as the repercussions already faced, including the severe sanction of probation from its academic accrediting agency.

It seems that, to the editorial board, these consequences and UNC’s acceptance of responsibility and corrective actions do not matter. Nay, there must be more blood!

Adam Lanier

Chapel Hill