Letters to the Editor

Andrew Sleeth: Chancellors paid too much

I will never share America’s reflexive love for rewarding those at the top of organizations disproportionately to employees below them (“Pay raises approved for UNC chancellors,” July 30 news article).

My beef isn’t so much with the raises this year – some received only the obligatory 1.5 percent allocated for all state employees – but rather the already ridiculously bloated pile upon which those raises are heaped.

These “public servants” can rarely claim improvements directly traceable to themselves, and yet they are hired in a manner that guarantees their loyalty, not to the school or its mission, but to what the next higher bidder means for their investment portfolios.

My bosses are classroom professors who oversee graduate programs while pursuing their own scholarly research interests and guiding that of their advisees. They are no less devoted to the welfare of higher education than our chancellors. They have a far greater favorable impact on students’ lives and the university than any of these overrated figureheads.

I’m not saying UNC system chancellors aren’t competent, dedicated professionals, only that they aren’t those things any more so than their vastly lesser-paid coworkers.

I feel like the Board of Governors just took 16 alpha dogs out for a walk so they could urinate on the people of North Carolina.

Andrew Sleeth