Letters to the Editor

Jerome Brown: Vote out harmful legislators

Regarding the July 30 news article “Judges throw out N.C.’s voter ID law”: The ruling striking down the N.C. voter ID law was another smack down of overreach by the Republican-led legislature creating this mess.

I appreciate the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in reaching this decision about a law that many of us felt was unfair, unnecessary and mean-spirited.

I applaud Anita Earls, director of the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, and the other challengers for fighting this unconstitutional law. Their grit in staying the course has now resulted in the 2013 voter ID law being ruled unconstitutional.

We must now move forward and use our voting power to make sure those who set this in motion can’t cause more harm. And we will not forget U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis, who help set this in motion when he was the speaker of the House.

Tillis was right about one thing. He said that the lawsuit against North Carolina’s law was “costly and frivolous.” Yes, it was costly and frivolous, and the Republican-led legislators set this in motion in 2013 and now it has been set back on course.

We must vote during early voting!

Jerome Brown

Chair, Wake County Voter Coalition