Letters to the Editor

Larry D. King: Not ‘will of the people’

Regarding the July 30 news article “Judges throw out N.C.’s voter ID law”: The N.C. Republican Party executive director said, “This is an effort to overthrow the will of the people on voter ID and ballot security.” By “will of the people” I assume he meant the people elected to the General Assembly, and it passed the law.

The General Assembly is not elected by the people. The voters do not choose their legislators, the legislators choose their voters – through partisan redistricting (gerrymandering).

The voter ID law was passed in 2013. In the 2012 election, gerrymandering resulted in 46 percent of the House races and 38 percent of the Senate races being uncontested. So folks in those districts could not express their “will.”

In contested races, the statewide vote for House seats was 46 percent Democrat and 54 percent Republican, but the Republicans won 75 percent of the seats. The Senate vote was 50 percent for each party, but the Republicans won 68 percent of the seats.

So voters expressed their “will,” but gerrymandering negated it. Until a nonpartisan redistricting process is established, the “will of the people” will not prevail.

Larry D. King

Board member, Common Cause/NC