Robert Pinschmidt: Stop indulging Israel’s paranoia

Regarding the March 4 news article “Netanyahu: You can get better Iran deal”: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress was as egregiously a rewrite of reality as it was shameless fear-mongering. (Islamic Republic of Iran equals Islamic State? Really?)

His claim was that Iran “want(s) to impose a militant Islamic empire ... on the whole world” and destroy Israel and the U.S. . Perhaps what he was really saying was, if the United States does not back Israel fully in destroying any hint of an Iranian nuclear capacity, Israel will do it, regardless of consequences.

Maybe the crazy one with nuclear weapons is Netanyahu. (Left unsaid is that Israel would likely need to use a tactical nuclear weapon to get the job done.)

The United States cannot continue to indulge Israel’s paranoia – self-inflicted to no small extent by its shameless actions in the West Bank and Gaza – without looking like the United States seeks to subjugate the whole region.

The Middle East already sees us as either a client state of Israel or the true power behind Israel. Do we really want either scenario?

Robert Pinschmidt