Community conversation: On whether UNC professors should teach more

Jay Davis This is typical of the uninformed and obtuse thinking in the NC legislature that is quickly destroying our once-proud education system. Teaching especially at the university level is not the rote and repetitive conduct of an assembly line. It cannot be measured by hours in the classroom. The GOP is well known as being a party that denies much of science because it conflicts with their religious believes or interferes with their economic aspirations. They reject the portions of our history that offend their patriotism. Why is anyone surprised at their latest assault on education?

David Norville GOP don’t want an educated electorate. They depend on people voting against their best interest. Ignorance increases that.

Robert T Canipe Republicans are doing all they can to destroy public education in NC. The rich want education dollars to privatize education to make even more money and teach their agenda.

Chris Kathka As opposed to liberals who want it all Gov’t funded and teaching their agenda? Scared they might break the virtual monopoly your side has?

Mark East Conservatives want parents to have the freedom to choose the best education for their kids. That rewards the best. Naturally govt and liberals oppose this.

Robert T Canipe So is the best education a segregated one? Away from poor people and other cultures? What about those who cannot afford the best education? Do they deserve less?

Jamie Leonard The best education is absolutely segregated. Only the correct code word is ‘differentiated.’ The opportunity scholarships that liberals and Democrats have opposed from day one were designed specifically to help the poor, who are held hostage in their local schools, when they fail to meet the kid’s needs. Apparently, democrats/liberals/NCAE do feel the poor deserve less, by keeping them in failing schools while offering no accountability/reprimand.

Susie Parker Campbell It’s like telling Mozart “there are too many notes.”

Marci Haussler Peace To compete with the top universities in the nation, UNC needs to be in the mainstream to attract and retain top faculty talent. This will cripple our greatest asset as professors flee the state for other top institutions. Faculty is paid as much for research and furthering their field as for teaching. You can’t further the academy if you aren’t given the time to conduct research. I hope the doctor that performs your next surgery wasn’t taught by faculty that were teaching 8 courses a year!

Chris Niedner College is far too expensive. Asking professors to teach 4 classes per semester is reasonable.

Paula Morgan Clemmons It is amazing how people with a lack of education themselves jump on the Republican band wagon to do as much harm as they can to the education system in NC.

John Eads Poor babies might actually have to work...

Rhonda Phipps I wish public school teachers had the time for all that extra stuff.

Angela Crumpler North Carolina is not the first state that has looked at requiring professors to teach a minimum number of courses/hours or equivalent. It is my understanding that Georgia has legislation. This Op/Ed is written by a professor and represents the viewpoint of N.C. State Conference of the Association of American University Professors. To say it is self-serving is an understatement.

Michael Hancock I’d like to see American higher ed more fairly compensate the adjuncts who teach the bulk of undergrad courses and make research time for tenure-track faculty possible. And, by the way, I teach 8 courses/year and am still expected to keep up with my field and engage in outreach. I find time to write and to publish. It can be done.

Dale Islandsmith College isn’t high school, and for a lot of professors the primary time-sink isn’t actually time spent in a classroom. It’s grading papers. The UNC history professor I know spends about 10-12 hours a day grading final exams at the end of the semester.

Jeff Edwards Give me a valid reason why the costs of college education keep going up at 10 x the rate of inflation and I would consider your argument. Something is wrong with the system when a bachelor’s degree now requires enough debt to buy a small house. A college education is becoming out of reach for the middle class and you want to complain that professors shouldn’t have to teach more?

Catherine Fountain The NY Times just published an article about this. It’s not professors, their pay, or their workload; it’s administrative costs.

Jonathan Corbin All this bill would do is scare away top researchers (along with their grant money) and top students (who want to work in high level laboratories). That also means NC can kiss goodbye top medical facilities and engineering programs.

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What The April 7 Point of View by Dr. Michael Behrent ‘Must teach more’ bill an attack on UNC professors ”

Excerpt “The existence of public institutions like UNC cannot be taken for granted. The quality and reputation of our system are directly tied to the research opportunities it provides. Were SB593 ever passed, it wouldn’t result in top scholars teaching more. It would trigger a mass exodus of respected professors from our state. Would this “improve the quality of instruction” in North Carolina? After gutting the state’s public school system, legislators are turning their sights to the state’s public universities. They aren’t just attacking professors; they’re also threatening the kind of opportunities that only a public university can provide our residents.”

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