Stephen Wolfe Jr.: Whistleblowers beware

“All that is needed for the forces of evil to succeed is for enough good men to remain silent” (Edmund Burke) ... and hence, that cloak of responsibility rests on my heart to break the silence on the unnecessary and ill-authored bill, known as Senate Bill 433.

Trespassing and theft at work are crimes here in North Carolina, yet the fast-tracked-disguised SB 433 would allow businesses and owners to punish whistleblowers, potentially even me, by financially ruining any employee who speaks up about illegal or unethical activities.

This legislation does nothing but keep abusers and rule-breakers from accountability and facing consequences, stripping employees of a voice and giving more power to corporations to retaliate against anyone who dares to blow the whistle on abuse and misconduct in the workplace.

It’s incredibly disappointing and concerning that my legislator, Rep. Brent Jackson, would consider placing grander priority on the interests of big business over the protection of his residents by sponsoring this bill.

Stephen Wolfe Jr.