Why John Swofford will be keeping an eye on NC State’s NCAA case

There will be an element of the unknown for N.C. State with the NCAA, ACC commissioner John Swofford said on Wednesday at the league’s annual football media kickoff.

The NCAA has changed its investigative process to allow court testimony and documents to be used in its violations cases.

N.C. State received a Notice of Allegations from the NCAA on July 9 and it included four potential violations connected to former basketball star Dennis Smith Jr.

N.C. State is the first school to be issued allegations by the NCAA in connection to the basketball fraud and bribery investigation that led to federal trials in New York.

Swofford, in his media address on Wednesday morning, said with the NCAA’s change in procedure it was an “interesting time” for N.C. State and the schools that will have to go through the NCAA process.

“I think a lot of us in college athletics have our eyes on that, and the others that will come after that, just to see how the NCAA approaches that and how effective it is,” Swofford said of the use of information from the federal trials.

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Among the exhibits listed by the NCAA in the NOA is the testimony of former Adidas consultant T.J. Gassnola from the fraud trial of a former Adidas executive this past October, which alleges that Smith’s family was paid $40,000 during the recruiting process.

Swofford said the potentially tough part for N.C. State is it will be the first to go through the new NCAA procedure.

“It’s really hard, because of the timing and the circumstance, to really speculate much on it because there’s no real history there with it,” Swofford said. “N.C. State, and the other programs that may be implicated, will be living that history.”

Swofford said he could not comment on the specifics of the case and would approach N.C. State’s case, from the ACC’s perspective, the same way the league has handled recent problems at North Carolina, Louisville and Miami.

“We’re here to assist North Carolina State in any way they deem appropriate,” said Swofford, who is entering his 24th year as the commissioner and previously worked as the athletic director at UNC.

The commissioner was also quick to praise the leadership in place at N.C. State in chancellor Randy Woodson and new athletic director Boo Corrigan.

“I don’t know of anybody better that will deal with this very effectively than chancellor Woodson and Boo Corrigan,” Swofford said. “You couldn’t have two better people to deal with it the right way, the most effective way on behalf of N.C. State.”

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