Three questions with ... Panthers WR Brenton Bersin

Three questions with Carolina Panthers WR Brenton Bersin:

Q. Is this as hot as you can remember it getting in Spartanburg?

A. No. My sophomore year (at Wofford in) 2009, it was like 115 heat index everyday. And because the Panthers were here, we’d practice at like 3 in the heat of the day. So that wasn’t fun.

Q. How would you rate the competition at wide receiver?

A. It’s a good group. We have a lot of competition. It’s bringing the best out of everyone. It’s good to see Kelvin (Benjamin) back out there -- and Stephen Hill -- after those injuries. They make us a better team, especially Kelvin. Two years ago he was a great talent as a rookie and he’s going to be even better this year.

Q. Do you feel like a veteran at 26?

A. Yeah, I think so, especially in the receiver room. I’ve probably been here longer than anyone in our room. I know Ted (Ginn) is the oldest. But I’ve probably been here the longest and I know the offense the best.