ACC football from 1 to 12

1. Clemson (11-0): Two Carolinas then the playoffs?

2. UNC (10-1): The division title’s in the bag but still so much on the table.

3. Florida State (9-2): Could jump up to a “New Year’s 6” game with a win at Florida.

4. Pittsburgh (8-3): Maybe mediocrity was a Paul Chryst problem.

5. Louisville (6-5): Can keep their rival out of a bowl game for the second straight year.

6. Miami (7-4): Canes are 3-1 since Al Golden was fired.

7. Virginia Tech (5-6): Bowl streak, 22 years and counting, on the line in Frank Beamer’s finale.

8. N.C. State (7-4): Weren’t supposed to beat the Tar Heels last year, either.

9. Duke (6-5): First four-game losing streak since 2012.

10. Virginia (4-7): Knocked off Duke, can knock out Virginia Tech.

11. Georgia Tech (3-8): Would be par for the course to end bizarre season with a win over Georgia.

12. Syracuse (3-8): That 3-0 start seems so long ago.

13. Boston College (3-8): Went down swinging against Notre Dame.

14. Wake Forest (3-8): After Clemson and Irish, Duke should be a piece of cake.