UNC, Nike to unveil new look

North Carolina in a series of videos posted to its athletic department YouTube account has been teasing to this for about a week now: the unveiling of an updated look for its logos and uniforms.

It remains unclear – for now – how UNC's sports uniforms will change but based on the promotional videos you can expect more consistency in the look of the teams across all sports. In one of the videos (shown above), Clint Shaner, a Nike designer, talks about consistency with interlocking NC logo.

“There were many versions of it,” he said. “So we were able to kind of land on one version.”

In addition to the teaser videos about the interlocking NC logo, UNC has released ones about its relationship with Nike, about love, and about the use of argyle, which has been a prominent feature in UNC's men's basketball uniform and might – how's that for a teaser? – become more of a staple in other sports, too.

A photo that circulated on Twitter on Sunday showed what just might be UNC's new football helmets.

Each of those promotional videos ended with the phrase “#OurBlue” followed by “4/20/2015.” The date has arrived. Not coincidentally, UNC is holding The Rammy's – its annual athletics awards show – tonight. That offers the perfect stage for UNC to unveil its updated look.

Stay tuned …

Andrew Carter covers UNC athletics for The News & Observer and Charlotte Observer. Follow him on Twitter @_andrewcarter.