High School Sports

Recaps from the first round of the high school boys basketball playoffs

4A East roundup

Two lower-seeded teams got wins in the 4A East as No. 18 Jordan clipped No. 15 Wakefield 58-56 and No. 20 Holly Springs edged No. 13 Athens Drive 53-51.

No. 10 Knightdale staved off Pine Forest thanks to 19 points from Xavier Fennel (13 in the second half).

Thursday’s second-round games will be as follows, with each of the top-eight seeds having received a first-round bye: No. 1 Garner vs. No. 16 Rolesville, No. 8 Hoggard vs. No. 9 Leesville Road, No. 4 South Central vs. No. 20 Holly Springs, No. 5 Hoke County vs. No. 12 Apex, No. 3 Heritage vs. No. 14 Millbrook, No. 6 Green Hope vs. No. 11 Panther Creek, No. 2 Broughton vs. No. 18 Jordan and No. 7 Overhills vs. No. 10 Knightdale.

In the 4A West, No. 14 Pinecrest defeated Davie County 65-55 and will travel to Charlotte on Thursday to face No. 3 Olympic.

3A East roundup

No. 31 Cleveland almost pulled off an upset at No. 2 Northern Nash, falling 72-68. The Rams, who lost their coach to cancer before the year began, started the year 1-7 but won five of their last seven to close out the season.

No. 17 East Wake, the only conference runner-up that had to play on the road against another conference runner-up, defeated No. 16 Lee County 58-50. It’s the Warriors’ first year in 3A. They’ll play undefeated Northside High in Jacksonville on Thursday.

No. 25 Triton and No. 24 Southern Nash had upset bids that fell short. Also ending their season were No. 32 Smithfield-Selma, No. 29 Soutehrn Wayne, No. 20 D.H. Conley, No. 21 Chapel Hill, No. 30 Fike, No. 22 Hillside and No. 26 Harnett Central.

Thursday’s second-round games will be: No. 1 Northside (Jacksonville) vs. No. 17 East Wake, No. 8 Terry Sanford vs. No. 9 J.H. Rose, No. 4 Northern Durham vs. No. 13 Rocky Mount, No. 5 New Hanover vs. No. 12 Southern Durham, No. 3 Eastern Guilford vs. No. 14 Person, No. 6 Northern Guilford vs. No. 11 Williams, No. 2 Northern Nash vs. No. 18 Westover and No. 7 Southern Lee vs. No. 10 Clayton.

2A East roundup

Much like the girls’ playoffs, the 2A bracket was the most unpredictable on Tuesday with five upsets. In their fourth matchup in the last three weeks, North Pitt knocked off conference foe Nash Central 49-35. The two had played twice in the last week of the regular season due to snow rescheduling an early-season meeting, then met in the conference tournament semifinals and then drew one another in the first round.

In other conference rematches, Southern Vance fell 73-64 at Roanoke Rapids in the 16-vs-17 game and No. 26 Southwest Onslow handed No. 7 Trask just its third loss all season.

No. 10 Goldsboro was stunned at home by No. 23 First Flight, which will now be the lowest-seeded team in all four brackets to host a second-round game. Also ending their seasons were No. 32 Beddingfield and No. 12 South Granville.

Thursday’s second-round games are: No. 1 Kinston vs. No. 16 Roanoke Rapids, No. 8 Northern Vance vs. No. 9 Greene Central, No. 4 Farmville Central vs. No. 13 Carrboro, No. 5 Northeastern vs. No. 21 West Craven, No. 3 Fairmont vs. No. 14 Hertford County, No. 6 Reidsville vs. No. 22 North Pitt, No. 2 Clinton vs. No. 18 North Lenoir and No. 23 First Flight vs. No. 26 Southwest Onslow.

1A East roundup

It was a good night for teams from the Albemarle and Coastal Plains Conferences.

From the Albemarle, No. 17 Plymouth won at No. 16 Columbia and No. 12 Gates County stopped No. 21 Raleigh Charter. In the Coastal Plains, No. 19 Tarboro won 90-80 at Roxboro Community, No. 11 Northside (Pinetown) toppedNo. 22 North Edgecombe 98-81 and No. 18 Riverside (Williamston) won at No. 15 Princeton, 57-51.

That gives both those two conferences seven of the 16 teams left in the 1A East.

Rosewood, after winning its first conference title in more than 20 years, held off No. 23 Franklin Academy 53-44.

Thursday’s second round games are: No. 1 Rocky Mount vs. No. 17 Plymouth, No. 8 East Carteret vs. No. 9 Ocracoke, No. 4 Edenton Holmes vs. No. 13 Southeast Halifax, No. 5 Voyager Academy vs. No. 12 Gates County, No. 3 Pamlico County vs. No. 19 Tarboro, No. 6 Research Triangle vs. No. 11 Northside (Pinetown), No. 2 West Columbus vs. No. 18 Riverside (Williamston) and No. 7 Granville Central vs. No. 10 Rosewood.

In the 1A West, No. 12 Chatham Central held off No. 21 Swain County 77-72 and will visit No. 5 North Stanly on Thursday.

Final scores

4A East

1-Garner vs BYE / 16-Rolesville (won 66-57) vs 17-Cary

8-Hoggard vs BYE / 9-Leesville Road (won 75-58) vs 24-Ashley

4-South Central vs BYE / 13-Athens Drive vs 20-Holly Springs (won 53-51)

5-Hoke County vs BYE / 12-Apex (won 68-56) vs 21-Middle Creek


3-Heritage vs BYE / 14-Millbrook (won 81-56) vs 19-Lumberton

6-Green Hope vs BYE / 11-Panther Creek (won 72-65) vs 22-Sanderson

2-Broughton vs BYE / 15-Wakefield vs 18-Jordan (won 58-56)

7-Overhills vs BYE / 10-Knightdale (won 60-42) vs 23-Pine Forest

4A West

3-Olympic vs BYE / 14-Pinecrest (won 65-55) vs 19-Davie County

3A East

1-Northside (Jacksonville) (won 77-43) vs 32-Smithfield-Selma / 16-Lee County vs 17-East Wake (won 58-50)

8-Terry Sanford (won 63-57) vs 25-Triton / 9-J.H. Rose (won 80-70) vs 24-Southern Nash

4-Northern Durham (won 83-40) vs 29-Southern Wayne / 13-Rocky Mount (won 70-42) vs 20-D.H. Conley

5-New Hanover (won 69-59) vs 28-Jacksonville / 12-Southern Durham (won 69-57) vs 21-Chapel Hill


3-Eastern Guilford (won 82-45) vs 30-Fike / 14-Person (won 64-55) vs 19-South Brunswick

6-Northern Guilford (won 74-68) vs 27-Havelock / 11-Williams (won 92-76) vs 22-Hillside

2-Northern Nash (won 72-68) vs 31-Cleveland / 15-White Oak vs 18-Westover (won 46-44)

7-Southern Lee (won 53-29) vs 26-Harnett Central / 10-Clayton (won 58-57) vs 23-Eastern Alamance

2A East

1-Kinston (won 74-48) vs 32-Beddingfield / 16-Roanoke Rapids (won 73-64) vs 17-Southern Vance

8-Northern Vance (won 79-59) vs 25-Providence Grove / 9-Greene Central (won 66-49) vs 24-St. Pauls

4-Farmville Central (won 78-62) vs 29-Bertie / 13-Carrboro (won 76-57) vs 20-James Kenan

5-Northeastern (won 51-34) vs 28-Randleman / 12-South Granville vs 21-West Craven (won 75-72)


3-Fairmont (won 72-33) vs 30-Graham / 14-Hertford County (won 82-76) vs 19-Cummings

6-Reidsville (won 88-63) vs 27-East Duplin / 11-Nash Central vs 22-North Pitt (won 49-35)

2-Clinton (won 104-55) vs 31-East Montgomery / 15-Red Springs vs 18-North Lenoir (won 60-55)

7-Trask vs 26-Southwest Onslow (won 95-91) / 10-Goldsboro vs 23-First Flight (won 76-59)

1A East

1-Rocky Mount Prep vs BYE / 16-Columbia vs 17-Plymouth (won 68-41)

8-East Carteret vs BYE / 9-Ocracoke (won 68-57) vs 24-Union

4-Edenton Holmesvs BYE / 13-Southeast Halifax (won 76-47) vs 20-Pender

5-Voyager Academy vs BYE / 12-Gates County (won 69-49) vs 21-Raleigh Charter


3-Pamlico County vs BYE / 14-Roxboro Community vs 19-Tarboro (won 90-80)

6-Research Triangle vs BYE / 11-Northside (Pinetown) (won 98-81) vs 22-North Edgecombe

2-West Columbus vs BYE / 15-Princeton vs 18-Riverside (Williamston) (won 57-51)

7-Granville Central vs BYE / 10-Rosewood (won 53-44) vs 23-Franklin Academy

1A West

5-North Stanly vs BYE / 12-Chatham Central (won 77-72) vs 21-Swain County