High School Sports

N&O scholar-athlete: Kate Wood, Carrboro

Kate Wood, Carrboro

College choice: Dartmouth.

Varsity sports: Field hockey and basketball.

Overall GPA: 5.17.

Favorite course: Global Systems and Issues (a social studies class that discusses issues like poverty and discrimination).

I was fascinated to learn: About the lives of famous Spanish artists (like Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali) in my Spanish class at school.

Most inspiring teacher: Mr. Cone, my social studies teacher who taught me the value of opportunity and the importance of being passionate.

A book that impacted my life was: “Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevenson. It’s an illuminating account of racial bias in our judicial system that really made me think.

It’s hard to believe that...: Astronaut Scott Kelly spent a whole year in space.

What epitomizes what a good American should be?: Open minded, patriotic and compassionate.

Education’s biggest challenge or problem: In North Carolina, I think low teacher pay is a major issue.

My favorite charity is: Mission 1:27. It’s an organization that I’m involved with that supports an orphanage in Slobodskoy, Russia. I serve on the Board of Directors and have traveled with this organization to Russia six times to volunteer.

Best movie: “Ocean’s Eleven.”

Whose life inspires you?: I really look up to coach Clanton, my basketball coach.

Three people you wish you could meet: Joe Biden, Stevie Wonder and Mindy Kaling.

Something you enjoy that would surprise people: I can play the ukulele!

I wish I had more time for: Traveling with family and friends.

I wish I had been there for: Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech