High School Sports

N&O scholar-athlete: Ben Williams, Union Pines

Ben Williams, Union Pines

College choice: UNC-Wilmington.

Varsity sports: Tennis.

Overall GPA: 4.43.

Favorite course: My favorite subject is science, but my favorite course would be biology. I was fascinated to learn the many different aspects of life throughout this course.

Most inspiring teacher: Robert Hill. Mr. Hill teaches band classes at Union Pines. He has taught a countless number of students but somehow always finds a way to make time for everyone. He has taught me patience and to never settle for anything shy of the best.

A book that impacted my life was: “A Brave New World” By Aldous Huxley.

It’s hard to believe: That my high school career is almost over. There are only fifty two days left until graduation. I have waited my entire life to walk across that stage and it is finally here.

What epitomizes what a good American should be?: A good American should fulfill his or her civic duties by either serving the county, volunteering or voting. All of these are a great way to be an American.

Education’s biggest challenge or problem: Teachers’ salaries. The amount of money given to teachers and academic instructors is reflecting on the quality of teaching.

My favorite charity: CROP Hunger Walk. I have participated and donated to this charity because I know the intentions are good.

Best movie: The 2006 film “The Guardian”

Whose life inspires you?: Coach John Frye. He has devoted his life to his family, his students, and of course tennis. He is in great shape and continues to coach men and women’s tennis at its finest.

Three people you wish you could meet: Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer and Teddy Roosevelt.