High School Sports

N&O scholar-athlete: Emiley Burriss, Millbrook softball

Emiley Burriss, Millbrook softball

College choice: Mars Hill.

Varsity sports: Softball.

Overall GPA: 4.4.

Favorite course: Honors Anatomy.

I was fascinated to learn: How muscles in the body work.

Most inspiring teacher: Austin James.

A book that impacted my life was: “American Sniper.”

It’s hard to believe that...: I am graduating in 3 weeks.

What epitomizes what a good American should be? Someone who accepts everyone.

Education’s biggest challenge or problem: Funding for good teachers.

My favorite charity is: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Best movie: “”Never Back Down.”

Whose life inspires you?: Megan Willis.

Three people you wish you could meet: Megan Willis, Cat Ostermann, Joe Mauer.

Something you enjoy that would surprise people: Art.

I wish I had more time for: Working out.