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Prep notebook: Wake County stunt championships move to semifinals

The only spring sport impervious to storms is stunt, a sport that’s much like cheerleading but keeps score by grading how each team does a routine and its degree of difficulty.

Wake County, the only place in North Carolina with varsity stunt teams, started its playoffs Thursday with Wakefield, Sanderson, Millbrook and Apex advancing to the semifinals.

The semifinals and finals are slated for next Thursday at Broughton.

For the other sports, some tried to beat the rain in vain on Thursday. In storm-shortened games, Green Hope defeated East Wake baseball 1-0, and Athens Drive girls’ soccer defeated New Bern 4-0.

Fuquay-Varina was up 5-1 on Fayetteville’s Jack Britt in softball. After a lengthy delay, the visiting Buccaneersscored four runs to send the game into extra innings. Fuquay advanced 6-5 in eight innings.

Wakefield’s girls’ lacrosse team lead Broughton 8-7 in a fourth-round playoff game before itwas suspended at halftime due to a storm.

Full brackets of all NCHSAA and NCISAA playoffs, including individual tennis brackets, are updated at nando.com/preps.


4A East

First-round scores: 1-Cardinal Gibbons vs. 17-J.H. Rose (Sat.); 24-Fuquay-Varina vs. 25-Jack Britt (Sat.); 4-Green Hope 1, 13-East Wake 0; 12-Pine Forest vs. 28-Athens Drive (Fri.)

3-Hoggard vs. 14-Heritage (Fri.); 6-Sanderson vs. 22-Apex (Fri.); 23-New Hanover vs. 26-Panther Creek (Fri.); 2-D.H. Conley vs. 15-Holly Springs (Fri.)

3A East

First-round scores: 1-Cleveland vs. 17-Topsail (Fri.); 8-Rocky Mount vs. 24-Triton (Sat.); 5-Orange vs. 21-Hunt (Sat.); 4-C.B. Aycock vs. 13-South Johnston (Sat.); 19-Corinth Holders vs. 30-Fike (Sat.)

6-West Craven vs. 11-Northern Guilford (Fri.); 7-Rockingham County vs. 10-Northwood (Sat.); 2-West Brunswick vs. 15-Chapel Hill (Fri.)

2A East

First-round scores: 17-South Columbus vs. 32-Dixon (Fri.); 8-North Pitt vs. 24-St. Pauls (Sat.); 12-First Flight vs. 28-Currituck County (Fri.); 4-Edenton Holmes vs. 13-Midway (Sat.)

3-Fairmont vs. 19-Greene Central (Sat.); 6-Croatan vs. 11-North Brunswick (Fri.); 7-North Lenoir vs. 10-South Lenoir (Sat.); 2-Bunn vs. 15-South Granville (Fri.)

1A East

First-round scores: 1-Whiteville vs. Jones (Fri.); 8-Wallace-Rose Hill vs. 9-Manteo (Fri.); 5-Riverside (Williamston) vs. 21-Gates County; 4-Voyager Academy vs. 13-Tarboro (Fri.)

14-Princeton vs. 30-Pamlico County (Fri.); 6-Spring Creek vs. 11-Rosewood (Fri.); 7-East Carteret vs. 10-Bear Grass Charter (Sat.); 2-Camden County vs. 15-Perquimans (Fri.)


4A East

First-round scores: 1-Cape Fear vs. 16-South Central (Fri.); 9-Apex vs. 25-Lumberton (Fri.); 5-Fuquay-Varina 6, 12-Jack Britt 5; 20-Wakefield vs. 29-Millbrook (Fri.)

3-Garner vs. 14-Hoggard (Fri.); 6-Southern Alamance vs. 11-Wake Forest (Fri.); 7-Laney vs. 10-West Johnston (Fri.); D.H. Conley 4, 15-Hoke County 0

First-round scores: 1-C.B. Aycock vs. 16-Triton (Sat.); 8-Orange vs. 9-Eastern Alamance (Sat.); 5-West Carteret vs. 12-Cleveland (Fri.); 4-Lee County vs. 13-Hunt (Fri.)

3-Topsail vs. 14-Morehead (Fri.); 6-Northern Nash vs. 22-Havelock (Sat.); 23-West Brunswick vs. 26-Corinth Holders (Fri.); 2-Northwood vs. J.F. Webb (Sat.)

2A East

First-round scores: 1-Jordan-Matthews vs. 17-Beddingfield (Sat.); 8-North Johnston vs. 9-West Bladen (Fri.); 12-Washington 5, 5-Currituck 3; 4-East Duplin 3, 13-Randleman 0

3-Eastern Randolph vs. 19-Roanoke Rapids (Fri.); 6-South Lenoir vs. 11-Greene Central (Sat.); 7-South Columbus vs. 10-Bunn (Fri.); 2-South Granville vs. 18-Providence Grove (Sat.)

1A East

First-round scores: 1-Princeton vs. 16-East Columbus (Fri.); 8-East Carteret vs. 9-Camden County (Sat.); 21-Jones vs. 28-Spring Creek (Fri.); 4-Perquimans vs. 13-Franklin Academy (Fri.)

3-South Creek vs. 14-Northside (Pinetown) (Fri.); 6-Louisburg vs. 11-Riverside (Williamston) (Sat.); 7-North Duplin vs. 23-Gates County (Sat.); 2-Trask vs. 15-Manteo (Fri.)


4A East

First-round scores: 1-Clayton vs. 17-Jack Britt (Fri.); 24-Athens Drive 4, 25-New Bern 0; 4-Leesville Road vs. 20-Apex (Fri.); 12-Fuquay-Varina vs. 28-Holly Springs (Fri.)

14-Knightdale vs. 30-Panther Creek (Fri.); 6-Green Hope vs. 22-Sanderson (Fri.); 23-Wakefield vs. 26-Middle Creek (Fri.); 2-Cardinal Gibbons vs. 18-Heritage (Sat.)

3A East

First-round scores: 1-Terry Sanford vs. 17-Hunt (Fri.); 9-Swansboro vs. 25-Eastern Alamance (Sat.); 4-Chapel Hill vs. 13-Union Pines (Fri.); 5-Northern Guilford vs. 12-Northwood (Sat.)

3-Corinth Holders 2, 19-West Carteret 1; 6-Fike vs. 11-Williams (Sat.); 10-Rocky Mount vs. 26-Richlands (Sat.); 2-Jacksonville vs. 18-Orange (Fri.)

2A East

First-round scores: 1-Carrboro vs. 16-Beddingfield (Sat.); 24-North Pitt vs. 25-Midway (Sat.); 5-N.C. School of Science and Math vs. 21-Jordan-Matthews (Fri.) 4-Clinton vs. 13-South Granville (Sat.)

3-Dixon vs. 19-Roanoke Rapids (Sat.); 11-Currituck County vs. 27-East Duplin (Sat.); 7-First Flight vs. 10-East Bladen (Sat.); 2-Trinity vs. 18-Southwest Onslow (Sat.)

1A East

First-round scores: 1-Franklin Academy vs. 17-East Wake Academy (Sat.); 8-Woods Charter vs. 9-Lejeune (Sat.); 4-East Carteret vs. 13-Raleigh Charter (Sat.); 12-Camden County vs. 28-Neuse Charter (Sat.)

3-Whiteville vs. 14-James Kenan (Sat.); 6-Trask vs. 11-West Columbus (Sat.); 7-Manteo vs. 10-Rosewood (Sat.); 1-Spring Creek vs. 8-Princeton (Sat.)


4A East

Third round Monday: Green Hope at Millbrook; Enloe at Panther Creek

3A East

Third round Monday: Fike at Union Pines; Terry Sanford at Chapel Hill

2A East

Third round Monday: Durham School of the Arts at N.C. School of Science and Math; North Johnston at Providence Grove

1A East

Third round Monday: Gates County at (Williamston) Riverside; Voyager Academy at Raleigh Charter


4A East

Fourth round: Middle Creek at Hoggard (Fri.); Leesville Road at Cardinal Gibbons (Fri.)

1A/2A/3A East

Third round: Chapel Hill at Jacksonville (Fri.); Carrboro at Cedar Ridge (Fri.)



Fourth-round scores: Hoggard at Cardinal Gibbons (Fri.); Wakefield at Broughton (ppd)

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