High School Sports

N&O scholar-athlete: Braxton Montague, St. David’s

Braxton Montague, St. David’s

College Choice: N.C. State.

Varsity Sports: Football and Lacrosse.

Overall GPA: 3.39.

Favorite Course: AP U.S. History.

Fascinated to learn: Battles and tactics of the Civil War.

Most Inspiring teacher: Dr. Carreker.

Book that impacted my life: The Screwtape Letters.

It’s hard to believe that: My high school sports career is almost over.

A good American should be: Strong in their beliefs but willing to accept the beliefs of others.

Education’s biggest challenge: Providing quality education for everyone.

Favorite charity: Operation Coming Home.

Best movie: Braveheart.

Whose life inspires you: C. S. Lewis.

Three people you wish could meet: George Washington, Sam Cooke, Jim Valvano.

Something you enjoy that would surprise people: Documentaries on the History Channel.

I wish I had more time for: Writing. This year my independent study was to write a novella, and I found that only when adding it as part of my course load did I have time to write what I wanted.

I wish I had been there for: N.C. State’s 1983 Championship run.