The Eagles have this lucky charm on their side for the Super Bowl – a 12-year-old from NC

There’s no stopping now for a 12-year-old from Orange County.

Cooper Philipps from Efland has put on a Philadelphia Eagles jersey every day for nearly half a year – starting about the time of the NFL preseason exhibition games in August.

He said early on that he’d keep the routine going until the Eagles won the Super Bowl. The Eagles face the New England Patriots for that chance Sunday night in Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, 178 days after Cooper’s streak began.

“For the past four years he has asked for nothing but Eagles jerseys for Christmas and his birthdays, and when he finally had enough to wear one every day of the week, he started his streak,” said Cooper’s father, Gavin.

Cooper has been an Eagles fan for years because of quarterbacks Nick Foles and Carson Wentz. He told television station KARE11 that Foles and Wentz are “strong men of faith,” just like him.

He went back to his home state of Minnesota, on a surprise trip for Super Bowl week, where he stayed in the same hotel as the Eagles team.

Cooper got to meet Foles and other players, and had a sit-down interview with Philadelphia station FOX29 along the way.