Luke DeCock

After 2014 shutout, two ACC refs picked for Final Four

Two ACC officials were among the 10 selected to work the Final Four, the NCAA announced Tuesday. Mike Eades was chosen for the second time, while Bryan Kersey will make his Final Four debut in Indianapolis.

Eades, from Princeton, W.V., was the alternate for all three games in 2013. Kersey, from Carrollton, Va., worked the ACC championship game in Greensboro alongside Eades and Brian Dorsey.

The ACC was shut out of the Final Four last season for the first time since 2006. The conference had three selected in 2013 (Eades, Karl Hess, Les Jones) and three in 2012 (Roger Ayers, Les Jones, Jamie Luckie).

Two other Final Four officials, both from the Big East, worked extensive ACC schedules, Michael Stephens (16 ACC games) and Pat Driscoll (eight games). The other officials selected: Pat Adams (SEC), Jeff Clark (Big East), Joe DeRosa (Big 12), Verne Harris (Mountain West), John Higgins (Big 12) and Doug Sirmons (Big 12).