Scott Fowler

In a New York City cab, your survival can be tenuous

I love New York, but sometimes you just have to shake your head at the city. I arrived at LaGuardia Airport Thursday, needed a ride to Manhattan and hopped in a cab.

The driver drove like most New York cab drivers do – badly – but I didn’t notice too much because it is such a common occurrence. However, he made the mistake of cutting across four lanes of traffic with no turn signal right in front of one of the NYPD’s finest.

So here came the blue lights, and the siren, and the cab had to pull over. You better believe the cabbie used the turn signal that time. The policeman came to the car and got the cabbie’s license and registration. Then he had him roll down the back window and apologized to me like this: “Sorry for the delay sir, but this man has your life in his hands – and he’s being very careless with it.”

Ten minutes later, the cabbie had a ticket. “I’m giving you one ticket, but you should get four,” the cop grumbled.

And here’s the best part: For those 10 minutes while we were stopped in that yellow cab on the side of the road, both of us annoyed, the cabbie never apologized to me for our delay. Never spoke a word, in fact.

But, until I noticed and pointed it out, he still kept the meter running while the cop was writing him a ticket.

▪  No doubt VCU will play better Saturday against Davidson than the Rams did when Davidson whipped them 82-55 on March 5. VCU’s “Havoc” pressure defense had virtually no effect on the Wildcats in that game, but VCU looked good in a win against Richmond Friday.

▪  Davidson coach Bob McKillop joked after the Wildcats’ victory over La Salle that he thought he was going to be a victim of “The Charlotte Observer cover jinx” after a picture of McKillop coaching Davidson and my long column about him appeared on the front page Friday.

“I was thinking it was going to be just like Sports Illustrated,” McKillop said after Davidson led for only 19 seconds the entire game in its 67-66 win over LaSalle Friday – 18 seconds in the first half and one (the last one) in the second.

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