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Gov. Pat McCrory’s budget includes some raises, university cuts

Gov. Pat McCrory on Thursday began outlining his proposed state budget for the next fiscal year – a plan the governor says is the result of making “tough choices” to produce a “thoughtful” proposal. The budget includes pay raises for starting teachers, corrections officers and state troopers, and it forces some cuts on the state’s university system.

North Carolina

Former UNC football player Ryan Hoffman struggles on streets in Florida

Nearly 20 years and more than 100 pounds ago, this panhandler in the yellow knit cap, Ryan Hoffman, was a hulking offensive lineman for a North Carolina Tar Heels football team ranked in the top 10, a starting player renowned for his toughness and durability. Now his old Levis are so big that even a belt on its ninth notch can’t keep them from sagging below his hips.

State Politics

McCrory pitches steady-the-course budget

Gov. Pat McCrory unveiled his proposed $21.5 billion budget Thursday, describing it as a conservative approach that makes cuts where needed in order to put money where it will have the most impact. The governor tried to keep the spotlight on education, emphasizing that more than $1 billlion will have been spent on teacher pay during his first term in office, if the budget is adopted by the General Assembly. He said 56 percent of the budget would go to education.

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Suspensions down, crime up in Wake County schools

The Wake County school system reported a sharp drop in the number of student suspensions from the previous year, continuing a trend that has seen suspensions fall 45 percent in the past five years. But Wake reported increases this past school year in the number of reported acts of school crime and in the number of high school dropouts.

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Wake Ed

Wake County not announcing Saturday makeup days yet

Wake County school officials are delaying an announcement about which two Saturdays will be used as school makeup days until after they know for sure if classes will be held Friday. The new wintry mix of freezing rain and sleet could cause schools to close Friday.


Revelations weaken a Clinton candidacy

While former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton remains a strong favorite to win the Democratic presidential nomination, she’s now more vulnerable to a party challenger – and, perhaps more ominously, more likely to give an already-alienated electorate new reasons to drop out of the political process. The furor over foreign money and secret emails may be prodding Clinton to engage politically faster than she’d planned.

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