Strong El Niño could mean a wetter winter in NC

El Niño, the periodic warming of the water in the eastern Pacific Ocean, has been known for centuries. The name – the Spanish word for the Christ child – was long used by Peruvian sailors who noticed it often occurs around Christmas.

The Virginia deaths and using discretion in a digital world

Bob Kochersberger: Social media have the terrible potential to harden users and to desensitize them to human tragedy. There is simply no value in looking at images of death, so easily available as we saw during the on-air shootings of a TV reporter and cameraman but so potentially damaging.

This week's circulars

Rolesville volleyball co-captains Ashley Stroot (2) and Carson Evans (16) knew their game against Wake Forest meant a lot. They were down by two sets before coming back to claim the match in five. Video by Jessika Morgan,