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Plenty claim to be Uncle Sam, but few can prove the lineage

An upstate N.Y. butcher known as Uncle Sam is considered the inspiration for the national symbol.

“One of the surprising things was that the family had this patriotism running through them.”

After lobbying by New Yorkers, Congress officially anointed Samuel Wilson “Uncle Sam” in 1961.


N.C. sales of Confederate flag increase

Since the discussion of removing the Confederate flag from state capitols and license plates, as well as from major stores and online retailers, sales of southern battle flags are on the rise at shops that still sell them. G.I. Joe's Army Surplus store in Clayton, N.C. is still able to get sporadic supplies of them. In 2014, the store sold 37 Confederate flags, since June they have sold over 90. In order to be fair, store manager Eric Stallings has limited sales to two flags per customer.

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