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  • Civil War saga: Black re-enactors tell their side of the story

    This year, hundreds of thousands of tourists are expected to attend events at former battlefields and other historic sites marking the sesquicentennial of the end of the war. Many are surprised to see black troops on the battlefields, but interest... 3 hours ago

  • NC teachers lose bonus pay, but others still cash in

    Legislators have ended longevity bonuses for teachers but kept it for many other state employees, including their own. One veteran teacher, who is retiring, says the action was “a slap in the face.”


Dwane Powell: Sen. Burr and the return of the torture report

Dwane Powell on Sen. Richard Burr, the Senate Intelligence Committee and the torture report he wants...

On Culture: Are indie films dead?

As the Sundance Film Festival convenes in Utah, columnist Craig Lindsey ponders whether independent...

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