Ankara blasts kill 86 at peace rally; 186 injured

Explosions occurred minutes apart during a peace rally in the Turkish capital

Rally was calling for wider democracy, end to violence between Kurdish rebels, Turkish forces

Kurdish rebels declare temporary cease-fire ahead of the Nov. 1 election


Kim declares N. Korea ready to stand up to any U.S. threat

Kim speaks at parade featuring thousands of goose-stepping soldiers, military hardware

Kim didn’t specifically comment on North Korea’s nuclear or long-range missile capabilities

North Korean ally China sent the Communist Party’s No. 5 leader, not its head of state

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Josh Shaffer

Shaffer: Pianos lost in the music of fire

For a year, Allen Deaton collected the battered pianos nobody wanted, hauling off uprights gone hopelessly out of tune, dragging away warped antiques with broken legs, dumping them all in a corner of his property he calls “The Graveyard.”

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