Rob Christensen

Rob Christensen

Rob Christensen

On Jesse Helms and The Donald – in familiar territory

Shortly after Jorge Ramos, an anchor from Univision, was tossed the other day from a news conference held by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, a former political operative sent me a video reminding me that Trump was not the first candidate to see the heave-ho of a newsman.

Rob Christensen

You don’t want to be poor in Raleigh

Although the Triangle wins accolades for quality of life, upward mobility is poor

Harvard, Berkeley study shows upward mobility among the poor in the Triangle among nation’s worst

Are suburban sprawl and white collar nature of Raleigh factors?

Rob Christensen

MLK’s fateful decision to go to Memphis

Martin Luther King Jr. was supposed to be campaigning in NC the day he was gunned down.

A last-minute change in plans took the civil rights leader to Memphis

King was scheduled to stump for Reginald Hawkins, first major black gubernatorial candidate in NC

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