Place an Announcement

Photo Guidelines

  • Consider the shape of your photo before choosing a style. For example, a horizontal photo will not fit well into a vertical format.
  • If your photo is not ready and you would like to work on your announcement, there will be a placeholder to allow the system to accurately quote your announcement. Once your photo is uploaded it will replace the placeholder. Should the photo not work in the style chosen, you will need to start over with a new announcement. You can copy and paste text into the new format.
  • Photos must be in jpg format. Photos from digital cameras or scanned into jpg format are acceptable. File size is limited to 2mb.
  • Photo quality in the paper depends largely on the quality of the photo you upload. Professional photography using soft focus, filters or back-lighting may not reproduce as well as sharp images.
  • Photos by professional studios are copyrighted and you are required by law to give the photographer or photo studio credit in published announcements. Please include photo bylines.
  • We make every effort to reproduce a high quality image. Keep in mind that the newspaper press prints 54,000 papers per hour and the paper is porous. Reproduction in newsprint will not be of the same quality as printed proofs or online views.
  • Photos will appear in the paper in black and white. If you provide us with a color photo, it will appear online in color and also in color during the ordering process. Our system will automatically convert any color photo to black and white upon completion.