What to Watch on Tuesday: Let ‘Santa Jaws’ prep you for the final Sharknado

A shark torments a family at Christmas in the Syfy movie “Santa Jaws.”
A shark torments a family at Christmas in the Syfy movie “Santa Jaws.” SYFY

Santa Jaws (9 p.m., Syfy) — Syfy is showing low-budget shark movies all week as they lead up to Sunday night’s premiere of the final film in the “Sharknado” franchise. More about that on Sunday. But for tonight, a young man trying to survive Christmas with his family makes a wish to be alone, but things backfire when his “wish” conjures a shark that kills his entire family. You can tell from the photo that they go all out on special effects (that’s a fin with a Santa hat, in case you couldn’t tell).

Also on tonight . . .

Bachelor in Paradise (8 p.m., ABC) — Oh yay, two nights this week! Remember, Raleigh’s Jenna Cooper is on deck. We’re expecting Jenna to get wrapped up in a juicy love triangle this season.

No Passport Required (8 p.m., PBS / UNC-TV) — Marcus Samuelsson explores the food and culture of the Ethiopian community of Washington, D.C.

Our Man in Tehran (9 p.m., PBS / UNC-TV) — Part 2 of this special airs, featuring New York Times journalist Thomas Erdbrink documenting the people and daily life inside the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Making It (10 p.m., NBC) — The makers repurpose and recycle materials to create themed party seating and matching outdoor games.

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