Want to be 1 degree closer to Kevin Bacon? Seeing the Bacon Brothers is your chance.

Kevin Bacon and Michael Bacon make up The Bacon Brothers. They have worked together for 20 years and have recorded nine albums.
Kevin Bacon and Michael Bacon make up The Bacon Brothers. They have worked together for 20 years and have recorded nine albums.

The video for “Play!” the latest single from the Bacon Brothers, features siblings Kevin and Michael Bacon navigating the streets of Manhattan.

“It’s where I live,” Kevin Bacon says while calling from Central Park. “I’m always out walking the streets here. Right now, I’m out walking my dog.”

Bacon isn’t just the band’s vocalist-guitarist, of course. He’s also a well-known actor who has starred in such hit films as “Footloose,” “Mystic River” and “Apollo 13” along with TV series like Fox’s “The Following” and “City on a Hill,” which is currently on Showtime.

Somehow he has found time to release nine albums since 1997 with his singer-songwriter brother.

“If we weren’t passionate about the music, we wouldn’t be doing it,” Kevin Bacon says. “It takes a lot of work but we love it. My brother and I have always been about music. We’re particularly excited about a bunch of new songs that we’re thinking about playing when we come down (to Durham).”

The Bacon Brothers, who will perform July 23 at the Carolina Theatre, aren’t sure what fresh material will be delivered, but count on the funky and catchy “Play!” The single was just released June 28 with the video out July 8. The Shaky Ground Tour began July 13.

“We can’t wait to see the reaction to the new songs,” Michael Bacon said. “We had a blast making the video for ‘Play!’”

It’s an amusing clip with Kevin Bacon, 61, sporting a mustache, while belting out the tune while his brother lays down his guitar licks. Michael Bacon, 69, clearly enjoys working with his famous brother.

“It’s always been a lot of fun,” Bacon says. “Kevin and I connect with music. We enjoy making the same kind of music.”

The group dabbles in folk country, pop and rock.

“We’re not about a particular type of music,” Kevin Bacon says. “When people ask what kind of group we are, I tell them we’re a songwriter band. The songs rule. Most people want to have a sound and go after a sound. We do the opposite. For us it’s the songs first.”

It’s not surprising that’s the route they’ve taken. The siblings came of age during the ‘60s and ‘70s in Philadelphia. “It was a great time for music,” Kevin Bacon says. “There was Motown, there was the British Invasion and of course the Sound of Philadelphia. The cool thing was that it wasn’t about genres back then, it was about the songs. It was an incredible time to come of age.”

The brothers started making music together in 1968, Kevin Bacon said.

“I had melodies in my head and Michael brought them to life on the guitar,” he said. “But that was when we were kids. We brought this thing to life as adults. But we never thought that when we started this during the ‘90s that this would be more than a one-time thing.”

Michael Bacon has a home in suburban Philadelphia, while his brother has become a lifelong New Yorker. “New York is one of the most inspirational cities,” Kevin Bacon says. “How can you not be moved while you’re living in this city?”


Who: The Bacon Brothers

When: 8 p.m. July 23

Where: Carolina Theatre, 309 W. Morgan St., Durham

Tickets: Start at $37.50.

Info: 919-560-3030 or carolinatheatre.org

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