G105 morning crew addresses the departure of longtime ‘Showgram’ host Bob Dumas

There were tears Monday morning when the remaining “Showgram” crew addressed the absence of their longtime leader Bob Dumas on the first live program since WDCG let Dumas go on Aug. 30.

Dumas’ co-host Erica DeLong said the move came just before the cast of the G105 morning show was set to leave for a week’s vacation. Dumas had been the leader of the “Showgram” morning show for 27 years.

Neither the station nor Dumas, who released his own statement last week, gave a reason for why Dumas was “let go.”

DeLong started Monday morning’s discussion, which she called a “family meeting.”

“Since you guys are family, I want to be transparent and open with everything that I know, because Bob of all people taught me ‘be yourself,’ and that’s what I know best,” DeLong said.

DeLong acknowledged that “the show has changed” and said listeners had been reaching out to ask what was going on and to ask if this was another stunt, such as the ones the “Showgram” has long been famous for.

This time, it’s no stunt.

“A shock for all of us,” DeLong said. “And to say I am sad is a huge understatement.”

But DeLong said she believes that “in a way, we do have his blessing despite the change” and that station owner iHeartRadio has said only positive things about Dumas.

“There was no negative, it was just, again, above our heads, but a change in business,” DeLong said.

DeLong praised Dumas’ work with Bob’s Buddies, a foundation he starting after he was treated for a brain tumor in 2007, and said the podcast Dumas has with his wife, Mary Lou, remains on iHeartRadio.

Producer Ben Harris also spoke during the segment, as did on-air talent Ashleyh. They also played a montage of “former cast members” sharing their favorite memories of Dumas, followed by Dumas’ own statement from last week.

You can listen to the full audio of the segment at the G105 site.

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