Happiness is a Warm TV

Look for a new face at the WRAL anchor desk starting in April

Brad Johansen, an anchor for WKRC in Cincinnati, will join the WRAL anchor lineup in the spring.

Johansen will help anchor “a variety of newscasts,” according to a press release from WRAL, with a start date of April 2018.

WRAL’s current afternoon and evening anchor lineup includes David Crabtree, Debra Morgan, Gerald Owens and Kathryn Brown. Crabtree announced in September that he plans to retire in December 2018.

Johansen, who grew up in Illinois, has been at WKRC in Cincinnati for 25 years and has won 21 Emmy awards and two national Gracie Awards. He currently anchors the 4 p.m., 5:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. newscasts there. He also has a background in sports reporting.

On his WKRC Facebook page, Johansen wrote on Tuesday: “Exciting times to come in 2018. Change is never easy but always filled with blessings! I’m so grateful to LOCAL 12, WKRC-TV and all the people in Cincinnati for nearly 26 years of love and tremendous support.”

WRAL Brad Johansen
Brad Johansen, an anchor for WKRC in Cincinnati, will join WRAL in April 2018. Courtesy of WRAL

In Tuesday’s press release, WRAL news director Rick Gall welcomed Johansen to WRAL. “Brad is a great addition to our outstanding and experienced team of evening news anchors,” said Gall. “He understands the great opportunities, challenges, and responsibilities that come with the job. He’ll bring a passion for storytelling and commitment to excellence. On the anchor desk, you’ll see someone who’s engaging and excels at breaking news.”

New faces at WRAL

WRAL is undergoing a lot of on-air staff changes.

Since September, four anchors announced they were leaving: Lynda Loveland, David Crabtree, Bill Leslie and Gina Benitez.

Loveland left Dec. 1 for a communications job with Farm Bureau. Kathryn Brown took over Loveland’s spot. Leslie will retire in June 2018 (with Jeff Hogan, who joins the station Jan. 29, eventually taking that role) and Crabtree will retire in late 2018. Benitez will leave WRAL in March but has not yet announced her plans.

Additionally, in November, longtime reporter Julia Sims left for a communications job with the city of Raleigh and meteorologist Nate Johnson left to be director of weather operations at NBC Universal.