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‘Charlotte is great ... but it’s not Raleigh’: Marc Maron weighs in during Fortune Feimster interview

Fortune Feimster as Colette Kimball-Kinney in “The Mindy Project” on Hulu.
Fortune Feimster as Colette Kimball-Kinney in “The Mindy Project” on Hulu. NBC Universal Television/Hulu

Fortune Feimster, a comedian and actress from Belmont who graduated from Peace College in Raleigh, was interviewed by Marc Maron for his popular “WTF” podcast in an episode that went online Monday.

In the interview, Feimster and Maron talk a lot about the South, and in one exchange about her hometown being situated close to Charlotte, Maron, a longtime standup comedian, offered some thoughts.

“Charlotte is great, I’ve done some good shows there. But it’s not Raleigh.”

Feimster replied, “Yeah, I love Raleigh.”

(Maron also deliciously refers to South Carolina as “the other Carolina.”)

OK, that’s good for a chuckle for us Ralieghites, but there’s a way better reason to listen to this episode: it’s fascinating.

Feimster really opens up about her life – about growing up secretly gay in a very small southern town, about not being comfortable enough with her sexuality to come out until she was in her mid-20s, about her shaky relationship with her mother and about the stable influence of her grandmother. And, er, her love of Chili’s.

I don’t want to give it all away, but there are so many interesting bits, including the unusual path she took to Hollywood.

Comedian Marc Maron’s “WTF” podcast has been one of the most popular on iTunes. Barbara Davidson TNS

After graduating summa cum laude from Peace (now William Peace University), Feimster went to California to be the personal assistant of actress Emily Procter, a Raleigh native who starred for 10 years on “CSI: Miami.” They met at Feimster’s graduation from Peace. Feimster told Maron that her primary responsibility was caring for Procter’s cat, which she lost a few times. She was let go after about a year and a half on the job, but had only nice things to say about Procter.

The communications major then worked as an entertainment writer for seven years and eventually joined The Groundlings and got into comedy.

Feimster’s big showbiz break was on Chelsea Handler’s “Chelsea Lately” show on E! as a full-time writer and occasional on-screen panelist. She has since appeared on Handler’s Netflix talk show (at times playing Ann Coulter, Ivanka Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders); on Comedy Central’s “Drunk History”; on the CBS sitcom “Life in Pieces”; and as a regular on Mindy Kaling’s Hulu series “The Mindy Project.” She also has a role on Kaling’s upcoming NBC sitcom “Champions.”

Feimster was recently engaged to Jacquelyn Smith, an elementary school teacher (Mindy Kaling wants to officiate the wedding).

Definitely listen to the interview on your favorite podcast delivery system or straight from Maron’s WTF website.

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