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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Night 1: Former Miss NC USA in an awkward love pentagon

Derek Peth and Caelynn Miller-Keyes in “Bachelor in Paradise” on ABC.
Derek Peth and Caelynn Miller-Keyes in “Bachelor in Paradise” on ABC. ABC

The former Miss North Carolina USA made her debut on “Bachelor in Paradise” Monday night, and she brought with her a little bit of drama.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes first appeared on the previous season of “The Bachelor” (aka The Colton Season) and seemed to have a good connection with the former NFL player, but ultimately wasn’t picked.

She’ll get a second chance at love on “Paradise,” which is a mix of fan favorites and villains from past “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” seasons hooking up at a Mexico resort. We love everyone on “Paradise,” but we’re mostly here to follow the local contestant, so this will be a Caelynn-heavy recap.

But “Paradise” wouldn’t be the riveting social science experiment we know and love if it didn’t throw some hand grenades into the mix.

In Caelynn’s case, that grenade would be Blake Horstmann (from Becca’s season of “Bachelorette”), who Caelynn apparently had a fling with between seasons.

It didn’t go well.

‘Blake’s not my favorite person’

When Caelynn arrived at Paradise and host Chris Harrison asked whether there was anyone she was hoping to not see there, Caelynn replied, “Blake’s not my favorite person.”

She said they hung out for “a few months” and that it was “really great, but he played me and that sucked. It wasn’t fun. I really did struggle and he hurt me.”

And as soon as Caelynn appeared on the beach, Blake (of course he was there!) jumped up and ran like he was being chased. He literally hid from her. Caelynn tells us later that Blake doesn’t want anyone to know he hooked up with her. Hmmm.

Then it turns out all the other girls really like Blake, so Caelynn has to sit and listen to everyone talk about how great he is.

What are the odds she’ll keep quiet about all this?

Sounds like Blake is a player

Caelynn confides in the “Paradise” bartender about how she slept with Blake and the next morning he was texting Hannah G. and talking about how hot Tayshia is (Caelynn, Hannah G. and Tayshia are all from the Colton Season), and then Blake tells Caelynn that he hooked up with a different woman (Kristina, from the Nick Season of “Bachelor”) the night before.

Caelynn tells Bartender Wells that Blake didn’t want her talking about their hookup.

Wells suggests she warn the other women, and that’s all the encouragement she needs.

A love pentagon in ‘Paradise’

Caelynn talks to Onyeka about what happened with Blake (dropping that Colton set them up) and mentions the Kristina situation, and also that Blake told her she was a “mistake.” Onyeka is horrified. We are all horrified.

And then!! Guess who the geniuses at “Bachelor in Paradise” suddenly dropped into the show? Kristina!

Kristina confirms to Chris Harrison the events as Caelynn described them — that Blake slept with both Kristina and Caelynn in a 24-hour period.

Caelynn then tells the camera that the reason Blake asked her to hide the fact that he slept with her was because he was still dating Kristina at the time. That dog.

So when Kristina shows up on the beach, Caelynn looks very uncomfortable and Blake looks like he wants to die. Blake talks about Kristina to the guys, but in the super fast, super nervous “it’s all cool cool cool!” way.

Kristina gets a date card and asks Blake out, and he accepts.

In other Blake news, he had gotten the first date card the night before and he went out with Tayshia, which surprised everyone because they thought he was into Hannah G. (who he had been talking to a lot before the show).

Are we all keeping track OK? I wish I could draw a giant Blake Horndog chart.

But basically, we have us a love pentagon in Paradise.

Next on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

This train wreck is back Tuesday night and at the end of the episode, the men will get to pick the women they’re into and any unpicked women go home. The following week, the women hold the power.

Watch: “Bachelor in Paradise” airs at 8 p.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays this summer on ABC.

Some background on Caelynn

Caelynn was the 2018 Miss North Carolina USA and also the 1st Runner-Up in the Miss USA pageant. She grew up in Fredericksburg, Va., but moved to Asheville to compete for the Miss NC USA title. When Caelynn appeared on last season’s “The Bachelor” (aka The Colton Season), Caelynn was listed as living in Charlotte.

Caelynn had an eventful time on “The Bachelor,” clashing hard with Hannah Brown, the former Miss Alabama USA who went on to become the most recent “Bachelorette.”

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Previous ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ coverage

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