Wake County

Aqua NC finds temporary water source for one of two Wake systems with outages


Aqua North Carolina announced Thursday morning that it had activated an alternative water source to temporarily serve customers on its Stonehenge system, which serves customers in the Stonehenge, Wildwood Green and Still Water Landing subdivisions in North Raleigh.

Residents on the Stonehenge well water system and Aqua’s Crescent Ridge system in Wake Forest were notified Tuesday night that their water outages were the result of a lack of rain and simultaneous overuse of water by the customers.

Aqua put users of the systems on a non-essential water usage restriction that remains in effect Thursday morning. If water were conserved, the company said, the wells could replenish and that water could be restored by Thursday or Friday.

The Stonehenge system, which serves about 700 homes, was flushed overnight and into Thursday morning. Stonehenge customers are advised that the process can cause temporary discoloration and excess air in the lines, which can be cleared by running the water. The process may also cause the water to taste slightly different.

As for the Crescent Ridge system, Aqua reported that water pressure is on the rise but customers are asked to completely limit non-essential water use, including watering lawns, plants and shrubs.

Aqua said it will notify customers when the restrictions are lifted.

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