Letters to the Editor

Robert Lupella: Russia is our enemy

The Jan. 8 letter “U.S. would influence other elections” was an example of the lengths people will go to in order to excuse the Russians of their hack. The writer claimed that the United States would and should do the same thing if we had a preferred candidate.

While the U.S. has in the past done this, it has been almost universally an abject failure (Iran, Cuba, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Iraq, to only name a few). The worst part of it is that it is wrong.

Furthermore, using that as an excuse for condoning and accepting the Russian hack is just another example of Trump supporters normalizing and making excuses for his actions. Anyone who puts his “friends” in other countries over the U.S. and condones actions that interfere with our elections is committing treason.

I find it interesting that all the right wingers who wear their flag lapel pins and preach about patriotism are jumping up to defend Trump’s defense of his pal Putin. I thought that Russia was a Socialist state and our enemy?

Robert Lupella