Letters to the Editor

Gene Farrelly: GOP shows no control about guns

“Are you so naive as to believe that the criminal element in this state really cares what the law says about concealed carry?” asked the writer of the Feb. 15 letter “Guns save lives.” The variations to this question are almost infinite. Just change “concealed carry” to “illegal drugs” or to “prostitution” or to “Stop signs.”

Inherent in the letter writer’s question is the elimination of all laws simply because criminals disregard them. There never has been a law that completely eliminates the problem it was written to solve. That impossibility, however, does not justify discontinuing any attempt to devise reasonable laws to reduce that problem.

The problem here is the very high number of Americans killed by guns every, single year – whether by accident, by intent or by self-destruction. The easy accessibility to guns in America is a major contributor to the annual thousands of gun deaths in the United States, period.

Despite that high correlation (or, more accurately, cause/effect), the Republican House recently voted to allow nearly 75,000 people identified as suffering from a documented mental illness – such as, schizophrenia or bipolar disease – to purchase guns.

As conservative pundit, P.J. O’Rourke has said: “Republicans complain that government doesn’t work, then get elected – and prove it.”

Gene Farrelly