Letters to the Editor

Mark W. Wethington: Gun didn’t save life of store clerk

I read The N&O every morning and it is often fascinating how some things connect. I read the Feb. 15 letter “Guns save lives” where the contributor ends the letter by saying, “Guns in the hands of law-abiding residents saves lives, period.”

Prior to reading this letter I had just read the news article “1 dead, 1 injured in store shooting” about a clerk who was working at a convenience store in Durham on Valentine’s Day morning when robbers entered the store with a gun. During the attempted robbery the clerk pulled a gun and exchanged fire with the robbers. John Wesley Pruitt Jr., the clerk, was fatally shot while the robber, who was wounded, ran away.

As a resident of Durham I mourn this one who was the victim of another one of our city’s violent deaths, and I express deep sympathy to the family. I also wonder how the Pruitt family might react to the statement in the newspaper the same day that “guns in the hands of law-abiding residents saves lives” ... “period”?

Mark W. Wethington