Letters to the Editor

Lisa Nesbitt: Policies should benefit everyone, not just wealthy

Regarding the Feb. 15 J. Peder Zane column “GOP turned wrong – instead of right – on HB2”: Zane smugly dismissed “today’s left” for treating social policy as a moral issue rather than a practical one. He failed to understand that matters concerning social policy involve both.

His suggestion that we must choose between health care for all or a quality public education presented a false choice; one need not be sacrificed for the other.

Doubtless we can’t have it all, yet it is unsustainable and unconscionable to choose policies that enrich the few at the expense of the many.

Practical solutions need not be devoid of moral content nor should they be. Perhaps the difference between the way he sees the world and the way “today’s left” sees it is that, in the richest country in the world that prides itself on being the most just, the choice is to prioritize policies that benefit everyone rather than those that profit only the wealthy.

Lisa Nesbitt