Letters to the Editor

Bob Amand: Berger overreaching

Regarding the Feb. 19 Under the Dome item “Wind turbines”: It was a small article, but it troubled me. I am wondering who Phil Berger works for or represents.

The local officials in Elizabeth City and surrounding areas welcome the wind turbines for economic development. The U.S. Navy has cleared the development as having no impact on its operations.

Yet Berger does not want the towers built. He has no military experience according to his bio, yet he believes there will be a negative impact on military practice and has attempted to use Homeland Security as a means of blocking them.

Why does Berger, a senator from the 26th Senate District (Eden), want to undermine coastal economic development? He is “Pro-Tem”; a powerful position in the Senate. But I did not elect him, and I see no reason to defer to his judgment. Why is this overreach tolerated by our elected senators?

Bob Amand