Letters to the Editor

Cathrine Evans: Dusty’s the neighborhood ‘glue’


Regarding the Feb. 22 Life article “Goodbye to Dusty’s”: We have lived around the corner from Dusty’s for only a short time, but I have already participated in one of those impromptu suppers described in the article about their closing up.

I was not aware of all of the good, community-minded things Dusty and Barbara have done over the years. However, I do know that these are just the kinds of people who provide the glue that keeps a neighborhood together, and their leaving is one for the loss column.

The proposed wine bar taking its place will most likely not be sharing food from its kitchen with those needing a good meal or welcoming those folks to sit a spell on a warm summer day.

For sure I will miss stopping to talk to whoever was gathered in front of the garage while out walking the dogs. Most importantly though I will miss this fact: All those folks gathered at the garage knew me, considered me a part of their neighborhood and for sure were looking out for me, and those feelings will not be replicated by a wine bar, or for that matter just about anything else.

Cathrine Evans