Letters to the Editor

Hog farm protection law ‘shameful’; at least governor cared

Regarding the May 12 Under the Dome article “Veto override on hog farms”: As a North Carolina resident, public health professional and member of Medical Advocates for Healthy Air, I appreciated Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of a bill protecting North Carolina’s hog farms from lawsuits. The North Carolina House and Senate both overrode the measure and it has since become law.

This new law limits the amount of money people can collect in lawsuits against hog farms for odors, headaches, flies and other aggravations.

North Carolina has more than 2,000 hog farms. Many of these farms are known as CAFOs, or concentrated animal feeding operations , with thousands of hogs confined to buildings and millions of gallons of waste collected in open lagoons. Farmers may spray the waste on cropland as fertilizer.

This shameful law was designed to protect the hog farm industry over people. I love my twice-cooked pork, but I don’t want to enjoy it at the expense of my neighbors’ health. At least the governor cared.

Jin Yan


Russia probe must continue

Regarding the May 10 news article “Comey dismissed as head of FBI”: I fear we have a president without honor or basic decency to fulfill the role as leader of the free world.

James Comey, a longtime civil servant, was fired by a letter. President Donald Trump, who often had praised Comey, was so insensitive to not have met with him, thank him for his service and fire him in person. Trump lacked class in this firing.

Comey asked for more funds to continue investigating possible collusion between the Trump administration and Russia. There sufficient reason that Comey was fired because of this investigation.

Is it any wonder that this administration raises so much doubt about its ability to govern? The investigation into a possible connection between Russia and the Trump administration must continue now more than ever.

Fred Howes


Comey controversy ‘misguided’

Regarding the May 12 news article “Trump calls Comey a ‘showboat,’ says he fired him on his own”: The controversy surrounding President Donald Trump’s dismissal of FBI Director James Comey is misguided.

The point is Trump said Comey was “not doing a good job.” The only questions are: Was Comey doing a good job, a bad job, a very bad job or a very, very bad job. All other lines of inquiry are missing the point.

David A. Michaels