Letters to the Editor

5/16 Letters: Expect brutal political consequences on Strach

Bad move on Strach

I’ve contributed monthly to the Democrat’s “Break the Majority” campaign and have contributed frequently to Gov. Roy Cooper and Attorney General Josh Stein.

Yet, I am embarrassed by the decision by the Democratic majority on the State Board of Elections to dismiss Kim Strach.

I understand Gov. Cooper and N.C. Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Godwin wanted their person in charge of the staff, however, Strach has done her job admirably and without prejudice.

As partisan as the Republican majority in the N.C. General Assembly has been during the past eight years, they will remember Strach’s replacement in 2020, especially if President Trump and Sen. Thom Tills win re-election and Republicans keep their legislative majority.

Gov. Cooper, brutal political consequences will occur.

If I were the state Democratic leadership I would find find an appropriate way to honor Strach.

Mark Rodin, Durham

No to heartbeat bills

Once again women are being dismissed in the discussion of their life choices, namely abortion.

Men make up about 70 percent our nation’s state legislators and they are pushing the no abortion/heartbeat laws for pregnant women of all ages.

Women unprepared for babies experience poverty and anxiety. This leads to poor parenting and disturbed/abused children. Do we need more of that?

As a nation, what are we doing to prevent pregnancies? We need to fund IUDs and birth control pills for all who wish to prevent a pregnancy. That’s the way to stop abortions.

These bills enslave women into a life of poverty and mental anguish.

Protect a woman’s life!

Barbara Weber, Durham

A ‘good officer’?

Regarding: “Wake sheriff fires deputy after guilty plea and will revise police dog policy,” (May 13):

Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker’s statement, “We lost a good officer,” concerning the conviction of a K9 officer releasing a dog on an unarmed man makes me wonder just what the sheriff’s standards are for “good officers.”

Tom Emory, Virginia Beach

My China solution

The United States has a trade dispute with China? No problem. Do not buy products made in China. Buy only American made stuff. Problem solved.

Lee Stem, Durham

No credit for Trump

Regarding “Not enough credit for Trump,” (May 14 Forum):

This Forum writer is confused. President Trump spends so much of his time tweeting and bragging about himself that no one needs to bother to give him credit – for anything.

As for going after Trump’s tax returns – heck yes, we need to see them!

The returns may satisfy the public’s need to know that Trump is at least being honest with citizens and not profiting from his position.

Tony Schwartz was the ghostwriter for Trump’s “The Art of the Deal.” He has since said: “I put lipstick on a pig. I feel a deep sense of remorse that … (I) made him more appealing than he is.”

If anyone should know Trump, Schwartz should.

That is the kind of credit Trump has earned. Kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

Claude Brasseale, Wake Forest

How Trump won

The Founding Fathers had the last laugh with Donald Trump and his MAGA followers.

Trump was a political outsider who was out of tune with the cosmopolitan educated class of the West Coast and New York and lost the popular vote.

But Trump represented those traditional American values of patriotism and hard work of the Rust Belt, Bible Belt, and those Fly Over States, and he won the electoral college by winning more states.

The states reinstated their power.

The Founding Fathers knew that freedom was better preserved when a Republican form of government represented not just the few urban areas but by giving each state representation.

So with Trump’s presidency in full swing, let us remember that our Founding Fathers established the Electoral College for a purpose and have the last laugh.

Terry Lynn Coggin, Nashville, N.C.

A good deed done

A heartfelt “thank you” to the person who found my lost credit card at Raleigh-Durham airport on May 9 and gave it to a Delta Airlines agent, who delivered it to me in my seat just before my flight departed.

My seatmates and I agreed that this act of kindness represents what a large majority of Americans, and people of all nations, would do.

As a sociologist, I would add that this behavior is even more likely in an orderly society with stable communities.

Paul Lindsay, Chapel Hill