Letters to the Editor

5/30 Letters: Reinstate extra pay teachers got for advanced degrees

Give teachers credit

The Republicans are pulling the rug out from under teachers once again, especially on a key benefit for our brightest teachers.

The N.C. Senate version of the budget does not restore a program eliminated in 2013 that provides extra pay for teachers who have advanced degrees like master’s degrees and doctorates.

Please help in restoring this important benefit for our most dedicated educators. Gov. Roy Cooper should veto any budget that does not include this benefit for our most successful teachers.

Jack Williams, Cary

A reassuring budget

Regarding “GOP Senate budget changes how teachers buy supplies, (May 29):

As a Cary High student and a Wake County school system student since third grade I’ve seen this problem at all schools I’ve attended. Many teachers are forced to take money out of their own pockets to provide students with supplies they need to learn.

I do not believe teachers should have to pay their own money for things like this and I believe the solution offered by the new spending plan to allocate money for teachers for supplies is the perfect solution to this problem.

The new Senate budget also allows for raises for teachers and school support staff, which is very necessary.

As a student it is very reassuring to see measures taken to benefit not only schools but our educators as well.

Hayden Stancill, Cary

RDU changes coming

In response to “Signage changes needed at airport,” (May 28 Forum), I’d like to share what we are doing at RDU to make your airport experience more convenient.

As part of our Vision 2040 master plan, we are currently spending $4 million to update signage and make our campus even easier to navigate.

RDU will spend $104 million on capital projects this fiscal year alone to make much-needed infrastructure improvements.

RDU served 12.8 million passengers in 2018 – a 10 percent increase over 2017 – and we are expected to grow by another 10 percent this year. That rapid pace leaves us with many unmet infrastructure needs, including replacing our main runway and building additional gates to accommodate more and farther flights.

We strive to provide a world-class airport experience at RDU and we appreciate our customers’ patience as we work to keep pace with the booming growth at the airport and in the region.

Michael Landguth, Raleigh

President, Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority

New GOP beliefs

Now that President Trump has replaced free market opportunities for farmers with welfare for farmers, we must add “We believe in free markets” to the growing list of things Republicans used to say.

For example, Republicans used to say “We believe in the rule of law” and “We believe in the constitutional system of checks and balances.”

Republicans of the current regime have repudiated these beliefs.

John Daughtry, Greenville

Liberal groupthink

If one had any doubt that the left-wing media is an appendage of the Democratic Party and that they are one in the same, look no further than “The speech Charlotte’s mayor should give to the Republican National Convention,” (May 24 from the Charlotte Observer).

A liberal newspaper – the Observer – writing a speech for a liberal mayor that was reprinted in another liberal newspaper – the N&O – whose editors I’m sure were nodding their heads in agreement. Liberal groupthink at its best.

Jerry Rose, Farmville

More truth, candor

White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gadley wants the press corps to be more complicit and compliant.

Is this the role of reporters who go to the White House for info on what the president is doing?

To be compliant means inclined to agree with others or accept something without protest. To be complicit means to be involved in an illegal activity or wrong doing.

It would seem neither word describes the hoped for relationship between the press secretary and press corps.

If we had more truth and candor from the podium, we might have more order and discipline from the press corps.

Fred Howes, Raleigh

A plea for Burr, Tillis

Republican U.S. Rep. Justin Amash has said he believes most members of Congress have not read the entire Mueller report.

Amash got a standing ovation when he appeared this week in front of his constituents to discuss the findings.

Do we ever think Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis would hold a town hall to discuss the Mueller report? Maybe they are too in lock-step with our president to even care what we think.

Stephen Berg, Chapel Hill