Letters to the Editor

8/01 Letters: Mass shootings should spark outrage. Time to defeat the gun lobby.

Defeat gun lobby

Enough is enough! On May 31 a shooters’ rampage in Virginia Beach killed 12. Now, there was a shooting spree with an assault rifle in Gilroy, Calif. that killed three and wounded 12.

Two of those killed were school children!

The outrage that citizens feel should be channeled into action through our elected representatives.

Call your U.S. representatives and senators. Demand a national response to the continuing gun violence in our country.

Does a private citizen need an assault rifle for hunting? This is the kind of cause that should generate bipartisan support. It’s time to defeat the gun lobby.

How many more shooting sprees will have to occur? Let the latest tragedy motivate us to respond.

Enough is enough!

Charlie Dusterhoff, Cary

Sen. Berger’s fear

Some years ago one of my friends removed the hubcaps from his new car, storing them in his garage to ensure that “they would not be stolen.”

He rejected any suggestion that without them the car looked ridiculous, and that in effect, having stolen them from himself, he branded himself a fool.

Sen. Phil Berger is the modern equivalent of my friend: He won’t consider expanding Medicaid simply because he fears the guaranteed federal money he is spurning will eventually come to an end.

Meanwhile, smarter states are helping their neediest citizens while this money is available.

Isn’t Berger branding himself a fool?

Charles Cain, Chapel Hill

No kneeling, NFL

Regarding “Fowler: Panthers’ Eric Reid won’t stop kneeling during the anthem. “We’ve got to keep fighting.” (July 28):

Panthers safety Eric Reid has decided to continue to disrespect my national anthem, my American flag and my veterans by continuing to kneel during the playing of the national anthem.

As an American, he has every right to do so — on his own time.

The Carolina Panthers organization and the National Football League are guilty of the same disrespect by allowing this on-field behavior. Shame on you, one and all.

J.T. Finnegan, Wake Forest

GOP was primed

J. Peder Zane’s “A false narrative links the GOP and racism,” (July 31) attempts whitewashing the racism that exists within the Republican Party by way of false equivalencies and whataboutisms.

President Trump didn’t create this, he simply stokes it, as Fox News’ Chris Wallace noted.

Decades of conservative radio and TV, through the veil of “political correctness,” have grown this.

And Republican politicians made careful use of it, only occasionally having to scold someone who went “too far.”

Then along comes Trump, and Trump lovers stampeded the old Republican guard because Trump told them “come on in, the water is fine,” and they did.

It’s no wonder many Republican voters love this talk — they’ve been primed for it.

Mark Gill, Chapel Hill

WCPSS must act

Regarding “Firm sues parent over vocal objection to math curriculum,” (July 31):

The Wake County school board should immediately drop Mathematics Vision Product now that it has sued a parent who complained about its MVP Math program.

Regardless of whether the lawsuit has merit, the board should use this opportunity to make it clear to all suppliers that the school system will not tolerate even the appearance of intimidation and bullying of parents.

Otherwise, the fear of ruinous lawsuits will severely chill parental involvement in the future and other suppliers will quickly learn to use hardball tactics as an accepted way to secure business with our school system.

Both of these effects would be bad for our schools, and the long-term health of our schools trumps any other consideration in selecting a math program.

Michael Johnson, Raleigh

Keep ‘NC Spin’

Regarding “UNC-TV is pulling the plug on program critical of UNC BOG” (July 29):

Our First Amendment guarantees our right to free speech.

If Tom Campbell and his panel of well-informed opinions, that pose views from both right and left, are not allowed to continue because they don’t necessarily agree with the UNC Board of Governors and question decisions by the Board, then the right to free speech is being trampled.

“NC Spin” is one of very few programs available that discusses N.C. politics and keeps the public abreast of goings on in our state.

Please, Board of Governors, reconsider your decision to cancel this program simply because you don’t agree with its opinions.

“NC Spin” is a great example of civil discussion and discourse of differing opinions. We need more of that, not less.

Jacki Epperson, Durham