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8/21 Letters: NCSU should not have allowed Dean Mullen to stay

NC State dean Mike Mullen resigns after anti-Republican tweets

Mike Mullen, NC State’s dean for academic and student affairs, resigned that position after his tweets about Republicans drew criticism from an NCSU student who has been active in conservative politics.
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Mike Mullen, NC State’s dean for academic and student affairs, resigned that position after his tweets about Republicans drew criticism from an NCSU student who has been active in conservative politics.

Mullen should go

Regarding “NCSU official resigns post after tweets,” (Aug. 17):

The fact that Mike Mullen, the politically bigoted N.C. State dean whose yearly compensation totals $283,206 will remain employed there as a professor tells us all we need to know about higher education in North Carolina.

Fred F. Holt, Raleigh

Cost of Afghan war

The president recently suggested the U.S. might consider purchasing Greenland. But why?

The U.S. has already “purchased” Afghanistan at a cost of 18 years, nearly $1 trillion, more than 2,000 military deaths, 20,000-plus wounded in action, and 2,000 contractor fatalities.

The grand glaciers of Greenland are rapidly melting and when gone there will remain only a bunch of small rocky islands — all due to global warming, a process the president perceives to be a scientific hoax.

So, why not Afghanistan? High and dry and rock and paid for!

Daniel A. Textoris, Chapel Hill

No Plan B on tariffs

Endless stories and commentary in the news media rail against Trump’s tariffs, but rarely suggest an alternative.

It is clear that China has violated most of the economic and trade rules the civilized world has largely observed over past decades, and it’s obvious China has no interest in changing its ways.

Dialogue and diplomacy were tried by previous administrations, to no avail. Thus, tariffs seem the only avenue left to get China’s attention. So far, they haven’t worked and clearly we will bear their costs.

But what is the alternative? I don’t see that being addressed, only that the tariffs are bad. What is Plan B?

William H. Conner, Cary

Fit for office?

As the economy starts to fray and several crises around the world (North Korea, Hong Kong, Venezuela for starters) continue to be mostly ignored, our president is tweeting out conspiracy theories implicating the Clintons in murder, posing happily “thumbs-up” alongside a baby whose parents were slaughtered, and becoming fixated on buying Greenland.

Are we sure we don’t want to start looking into the 25th Amendment?

Mark Slattery, Raleigh

Ban dress codes

As a supporter of individual rights, I would like to encourage all schools to ban dress codes. I think that students, or their parents, should decide what clothes they wear.

Why should big government, or a small school board, have the power to decide what clothes anyone wears? If a students clothes are ‘‘legal’‘ to wear outside of school, then shouldn’t they be legal inside of schools?

Chuck Mann, Greensboro

Tax hike shock

I just received my Durham County property tax bill and was shocked at the increase from last year: $539.75 more this year than last!

I know there was a reassessment of all property in the county, however I anticipated that the tax rate would be adjusted to reflect the new assessment. I never believed the actual tax dollar increase would be this significant.

I live on a dead-end street inside the city which has no water or sewer access for its residents. Recently I contacted the city to request our ditches be cleared so as not to retain stagnated water and was told there was a 12 to 18 month backlog on ditch cleaning.

Solid waste collection and street lighting are the only other routine services we receive, yet our taxes are significantly increased.

Kent Fletcher, Durham

Tillis had his chance

Regarding “Tillis must speak up” (Aug. 18 Forum):

Sen. Thom Tillis has had ample time and opportunity to speak up and he has not. No excuses. Therefore, we must speak to him by saying — vote him out!

Ruth Henderson, Raleigh

Sensible gun reform

After Newtown, Pulse, Las Vegas and many more there has been very little change in gun control legislation despite the public outrage and with a majority of the population in favor of something meaningful.

The president, Republican politicians (national and state), NRA leadership, and gun rights activists who have bastardized the Second Amendment continue to send up smokescreens to placate the country and avoid a much needed responsible response.

The common mantra of unreasonable gun advocates, that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” is bull.

Sensible people who care can make sensible gun reform. But it won’t happen as long as there is a president and Congress bought and paid for by the NRA-supported by extremists who insist on a right to own any and all guns, even weapons of mass destruction, with little or no restriction as to their sale or ownership.

Under this president and this Congress it isn’t going to get any better.

David Pesapane, Durham